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installation of new dashboard
Dashboard Upgrade
modification of the frame
Frame Modifications
redesigned motor mounts
383cid Motor Mounts
installing the 383 cid engine
383cid Motor Installation
Installation of Tremec 5-speed
Tremec Transmission Installation
adapting of the Miata seats
Miata Seat Installation
front suspension upgrade
Front Suspension Upgrade
rear suspension upgrade
Rear Suspension Upgrade
photo of hydraulics
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A Tilton master cylinder clutch, brake, and pedal assembly provides independent front and rear braking. A McLeod hydraulic throw-out bearing, described under 'Transmission' replaced the original clutch linkage. The master cylinders extend back through the firewall and are enclosed by a removable aluminum box to ensure that the engine compartment environment does not invade the passenger space.

Updated: Tue 30 Jan 2018