Rear Suspension Mod.s and Improvements
Project Introduction
photo of the Spitfire's passenger side

The project's objective was to improve handling, update technology, replace worn parts, and inspect the frame structure for fatigue and cracks - Ye Beast has been operating with a Chevy small block V-8 for 40+ years. To improve the handling, the rear track was widened 1 1/2 inches per side. This provides more stability and allows the replacement of the longer main leaf and the second longest leaf to increase spring rate. Where possible, I upgraded to newer technology, or redesigned structural elements including the trailing arm brackets.

When Ye Beast was created in 1970, the track of the Vette' rear suspension was narrowed by 7 inches to fit the Spitfire's body width. In 1995, the track was narrowed another 3 inches to enable the use of wide, 50-series tires - the transverse leaf spring was shortened to fit and it was necessary to remove the second longest leaf. The result of the second narrowing was a reduction of the spring rate which caused unwanted cornering and acceleration effects.

Photographs recorded the project's progress. Photos were not taken during the initial construction in 1970. A page, with photos, has been included that explains the initial installation of the Vette' suspension.

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