Miata Seat Installation

I found that Miata seats would fit in the confined space of a Spitfire. The seat well is only 19" wide. The only problem is that the Miata seats have mounting "feet" that are at an angle to the floor. It was necessary to construct some brackets that bolted onto the angled mounting "feet" to allow them to bolt to a horizontal surface.

The drawing shows a basic bracket. This bracket, with an angular difference in the bend, woud suffice for both the front and the back of the seat. Make the brackets and bolt them to the seats, then you can bolt them to the floor pan of the Spitfire.

The pan of the Spitfire is ribbed and has a depressed area where the old seat used to fit. In order to span this and have some place to bolt the seats to, I bolted the seat brackets to a piece of flat stock (1" x 1/8"x19") and then drilled mounting holes in the flat stock that matched the flat portions of the Spitfire's floor pan.