Rear Suspension Mod.s and Improvements
Rear Disc Brake Conversion
Ye-Beast started life with a 1963 Corvette rear suspension with drum brakes. It has always been my intention for Ye-Beast to have four wheel disc brakes. In 2011, when I rebuilt and upgraded the front and rear suspensions, I upgraded the front brakes to Chevy Nova disc brakes.

Recently, I purchased the parts for a rear Vette disc brake conversion. The above slideshow presents the before and after with photos of the components. The conversion was straight forward - of course, there were minor problems to solve and lessons to be learned since I have never tried this before. But, I always do my due diligence and study the process thoroughly to make sure that I don't require special tools. If I do need professional assistance, I have the phone numbers of Able machine shop and The Autohaus that provides me with advice.

Along with the conversion, I had need to change the rear wheels from 16 inches to 17 inches in order to purchase new tires for front 16 inch wheels and for the rear 17 inch wheels from the same manufacturer with identical ratings, etc. This became impossible due to manufacturers discontinuing sizes that worked for just the 16 inch wheels. While having the wheels built by the same people who built my original four 16 inch wheels, I had them provide 9 1/2 inch wide wheels - on which 275/40 ZR 17 tires were mounted - eleven inches wide!!!!
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