Rear Suspension Mod.s and Improvements
Make Rear Suspension Accessible
Spitfire with mufflers under trunk Spitfire without mufflers under trunk

The existing mufflers were mounted under the Spitfire's trunk and the exhaust pipes curved tightly up and around the inner half-shaft universal joints. To work on the rear suspension, the exhaust system would have to be removed, then reinstalled. Since it was welded as it was constructed this would mean cutting and rewelding - a process that could not be done in my home shop.

Therefore, In order to make the rear suspension permanently accessible, the mufflers and exhaust pipes had to be relocated. The easiest way was to install Pioneer side pipes. This side pipe configuration would allow complete access to the rear suspension components. The left photo shows the original configuration with the mufflers mounted under the trunk. The right photo shows the new configuration with no mufflers, or exhaust pipes interfering with the suspension removal.

View of installed side pipe.

This photo shows the new side pipes. The side pipes are louder than previous exhaust system. But, what the heck - it sounds more like a Shelby King Cobra.

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