Rear Suspension Mod.s and Improvements
Assembling the Rear Suspension

All parts are ready for the rear suspension assembly. (Photo 1 shows the replacement parts). All new mounting hardware was used.

Step one - The lengthening of the strut rods (See photo 2). The ends of the strut rods have Heim joints with right and left handed thread allowing the strut rods to be adjusted without removing them - loosen the jam nuts and turn the rod to lengthen the strut rods, then tighten the jam nuts. The easiest part of the process.

Step two - Installation of the half-shafts. I will start with the right one - (See photo 3 showing the right half-shaft and its mounting hardware.). Installing the half-shafts takes some patience to pop them in place and tighten the nuts with very little wrench access on the inner universal joint (See photo 4). Both half-shafts installed (See photo 5 showing the right and left half-shafts in place).

Step three - Installation of the transverse leaf spring (Photo 6 shows spring and new hardware). It weighs too much to hold in place by hand, therefore, a floor jack was employed to lift and hold it in place with the mounting plate while the mounting bolts were started. To install the bolts connecting the ends of the spring to the trailing arm, the floor jack was placed under the main spring near the end. As the end of the spring is lifted, there is a little damage to the powder coating - but a nearby paint store - associated with the powder coating firm - mixes up a very durable paint of correct color to fix the minor damage. During this process, the spring rate is strong enough to start to lift the car off of the floor stands on the side that is being lifted; but, by this time the nut can be started on the bolt and after a number of turns, the floor jack can be lowered and removed. Do the same for the other side. The two bolts were initially set with identical lengths. The final adjustment for ride height is completed when the car is on the floor supporting its own weight.

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