Rear Suspension Mod.s and Improvements
Going Back to the Initial Installation
Canley Classics Aftermarket A-arm Disc brake upgrade kit from FABQuest

I have included photos of the initial suspension installation that are not covered in this suspension upgrade. The first photo shows the bar to which the differential is mounted. The stock Vette' mounting bar is constructed from a metal channel with a top welded to it and two cup-like rubber mounts on the ends. The rubber mounts fit two connical steel mounts bolted to the frame. To fit the Spitfire frame, this mount had to be shortened to 19 inches center-to-center of the mounts. To shorten the mounting bar, a center section was cut from the stock mounting bar and the bar was butt welded together. A heavy guage channel was created that fit over the bar from the bottom. The channel was welded to the shortened mounting bar. The differential mounty holes were redrilled in the bar,the connical steel mounts welded to the Spitfire frame, and then the mounting bar was bolted to the frame.

Photo 1 shows the mounting bar and the differential mounted to it. Photo 2 shows an end of the mounting bar. To remove the differential, The four differential mounting bolts are reached through the floorboards of the trunk.

AFCO adjustable coilover shocks for the front

Photo 3 shows a trailing arm. The initial trailing arms were stock Vette'; these are offset to allow a wide tire to be installed. The trailing arms were shortened to 16 inches from centerline of mounting bolt to centerline of axel.

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