Rear Suspension Mod.s and Improvements
Installing AFCO Billet Shocks

Now for some real eye candy and handling improvements - A set of AFCO billet, Street Rod shock absorbers were installed. (Photo 1 The new shocks.).

The old Konis have given good service for at least 25 years - I had them rebuilt once, but it is past time to retire them (See photo 2 Konis are also in orange). The original Koni shocks' mounting position required that the dust covers be cut to make sure that they did not hit the half-shafts (ugly!) (See photo 3 Note the section cut out of the shock's dust cover).

The Koni shocks were removed. Photo 4 shows the upper shock mount. The upper shock mounts were originally used for the mounting of the strut rod outer ends and also were the lower shock mounts. The shock mount portion makes a 90 degree turn toward the center of the car. (This makes the stock C3 Vettes' shocks slant forward.) I welded them into the frame for the upper shock mounts. I replaced the lower shock mounts with a straight threaded shaft that allows the shocks to be mounted slanting in towards the center of the car which helps to counteract the roll motion.

The shocks were mounted 1/2 inch forward of the Koni shocks - this was accomplished by modifying the rubber mounts on the top (See photo 5) and using longer inside spacers for the bottom mount (See photo 6).

Photo 7 shows the left shock installed. Photo 8 shows both shocks installed.

Photo 9 shows YeBeast with the wheels on and the view of the improved rear suspension.

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