Rear Suspension Mod.s and Improvements
Disassembly of the Rear Suspension

The rear suspension components must be removed in a specific order: First the spring - to release the tension on the whole suspension, the half-shafts, and last the trailing arm brackets. There is no need to remove the strut rods - they are adjustable and can be lengthened the required 1 1/2 inches when assembly is started. Use slideshow controls to navigate photos.

  • Photo 1: Existing suspension components currently shortened to provide a track width 4 1/2 inches less that a stock Vette'.
  • Photo 2: The transverse spring and the right and left half-shafts have been removed.
  • Photos 3 & 4: Provide a look at the half-shaft mounting flanges on the right and left trailing arms.
  • Photo 5: Left and right trailing arm brackets have been removed in preparation for the installation of the new, redesigned brackets.
  • Photo 6: The trailing arm brackets have jam nuts on the interior side of the bracket mounts.

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