Rear Suspension Mod.s and Improvements
Half-Shafts & Spring Mod.s
clear photo of rear suspension clear photo of rear suspension

Drive Line Service of Fresno lengthened the half-shafts by 1 1/2 inches. At left is one of the existing half-shafts, at right is a lengthened half-shaft with heavy-duty U-joints. They were powder coated "Bengal Orange" by Cap's Powder Coating of Fresno for show.

  1. Unassembled transverse leaf spring.
  2. Spring leaves & liners.
  3. Assembled leaf spring.
  4. New spring & main leaf from Vette' Spring (black).
  5. New & existing springs compared.

A new '70 Vette spring was purchased. Its leaves were combined with the Beast's initial, modified main leaf to produce a spring of the correct width and spring rate. The resultant spring, when the leaves were bolted together, had an arch of 8.5 inches. The arch is measured with the spring resting on the garage floor in an upright position. The measurement is from the top of the arch to the floor. Due to the arch, the tips of the springs, when installed, would touch the inside walls of the tires. This mandated that I use 1" spacers on the wheels.

The answer was to "de-arch" the spring to 6" - Eberwein Automotive of Fresno "de-arched" the spring and this brought the ends of the springs inside of the rims. I could now remove the 1" spacers. The "de-arching" does not change the spring rate.

The leaves were powder coated "Bengal Orange" by Cap's Powder Coating of Fresno. New leaf-liners were used to protect the powder coating.

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