Front Suspension Mod.s and Improvements
Road Tests & Analysis
Dave driving the Sptifire.

After the final step, initial alignment, the brake pedal firmness level was checked to see if there was enough fluid volume and braking pressure. If there was a problem, then the correction would be to install a new master cylinder with a different bore size. When the braking system was designed, I opted to have independent front and rear braking systems for safety and front to back braking balance - each have their own master cylinder with appropriate bore size. Therefore, the project of rebuilding the front suspension only affected the front braking system. So, the result of the check was that there was no difference in the pedal height from when the drum brakes were in place - but there was improved firmness.

The next test was to start the engine and back the Spitfire out of the garage and test stopping in the drive way - successful again. Okay! Out on the street - starting and stopping a half a dozen times was successful. Next go around the block, then out in traffic, and so on. Everything was working very well. The braking felt more solid, less sponginess when the brake pedal was first pressed. In breaking in new disc rotors and pads, it is mandated that you brake moderately for 250 miles to prevent the brakes pads surfaces from glazing. This meant that testing for maximum braking had to wait for 250 miles. It turns out that a "real nice" driver who ignored a stop sign at full speed limit helped me - at the last instant when I expected him to slow and stop, since I had right-of-way, it was obvious that he was going to impact my passenger side at 45 mph. I can state proudly, that my new disc brakes work impeccably! I actually got tire screech and stopped 6 feet short of where his car passed by.

After professional alignment, I have been putting around-town miles on the car and am overall pleased with the results of the project. Along with the prior project of refurbishing and upgrading the rear suspension, the car rides like a dream. The new anti-roll bar definitely stiffened the front suspension. It would be nice to figure out how to adapt a rear anti-roll bar.

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