Front Suspension Mod.s and Improvements
AFCO Shocks and Springs
AFCO shocks and coil-over springs.

The existing Koni shocks were originally purchased in 1976, in Hollywood during a vacation trip with my two kids. They were later shipped to a Koni machine shop where they were fitted with adjustable seats for the coil-over springs. During this time they have been rebuilt and revalved twice. Now was the time to replace these two soldiers with updated components. I had used AFCO shocks on the rear suspension and was pleased with their ease of installation, their configurability for mounting, their strength, and their look. So, I purchased another pair for the front suspension. The AFCO shocks are billet aluminum, heavy duty, and valved to suit the application. The dual adjustable version was not chosen since AFCO Racing could set the shocks up to individual specifications.

The Spitfire has been running with 400 in-lb coil-over springs for most of this time; the ride has been very rough. The springs ordered from AFCO have a rate of 350 in-lb; this has softened the ride a bit. And, along with the valving on the shocks this has made the ride more comfortable. The next image shows one of the shocks assembled.

Disc brake upgrade.

The actual installation into the car was made easy with the use of the existing spring end caps. The next photo shows a shock mounted to a spring end cap. The end caps were later powder coated black.

Disc brake upgrade.

The shocks are ready for installation..

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