Front Suspension Mod.s and Improvements
Moss Europe Ltd. Anti-Sway Bar
Moss upgraded, 1 inch, anti-roll bar.

Now was the time to upgrade the anti-roll bar. The existing one was upgraded years ago to a 7/8 inch diameter bar. But I wanted to further stiffen the front suspension since there is a lot of weight being thrown around with the large engine. I had seen a 1 inch bar on the Web years ago so I went searching again. It took a while, but I found a 1 inch bar on the Moss Europe Ltd. website. So I ordered it along with new mounting hardware and polyurethane bushings. I found in dealing with them that they, as were Canley Classics, very responsive to my e-mails as I received answers within a day.

The installation of the anti-roll bar reminds me of wrestling with an enraged Anaconda, but overall the installation went rather well - with a minor exception - the u-bolts had a 1/4 inch larger radius and the rear mounting hole had to be slotted.

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